...with the maintenance-free and environmental
water conditioning systems from cwe


Wasserkonditionierung in der BetonindustrieWater conditioning in the concrete industry

Fewer additives and binders
Improved compaction and compressive strength
Improved thixotropic properties despite less water
Lower capillarity and significantly reduced porosity
Reduced finishing work

Wasseraufbereitung in der KältetechnikWater conditioning for refrigeration systems

Removal and prevention of limescale
Reduced maintenance work
Energy, power and cost savings
Reduced use of chemical additives
Lower negative impact on water quality

Landwirtschaft und GartenbauCrop farming, market gardening and horticulture

Significantly improved yields with simultaneous higher plant vitality
Longer shelf life
Lower chemical,  water and maintenance costs
Less fertiliser and fewer pesticides

Optimaler Schutz in der HaustechnikOptimised protection of domestic plumbed installations

Reduced formation of limescale in pipes and shower heads
Lower use of cleaning products and detergents
Lower service and maintenance work for plumbed installations
No need for water softeners



Concrete industry


Crop farming and market gardening

House installations




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