Wasserkonditionierung in der K?auml;ltetechnik

The benefits

Removal of existing limescale deposits

Prevention of fresh limescale deposits

Improved refrigeration properties

Reduced use of chemicals

Reduction in bacterial count in reservoir water

Reduced service and maintenance costs

Safeguarding fixed assets

Energy and cost savings

Lower contamination of waste water discharge

Improved environmental parameters, less work

Areas in which the system can be implemented: Suitable for all refrigeration systems with open water circuits, e.g. in


Simple installation

Direct installation in refrigeration circuit or as bypass

Optimised water conditioning through constant circulation

Automatic sludge removal available


The initial situation:
fighting limescale with chemicals

Water is a cheap coolant, but: minerals are trapped in the circulation and lead to the formation of limescale throughout the system. This has a detrimental impact on thermal conductivity and cooling performance suffers. In turn this leads to higher energy input and the use of chemicals.

The optimum environmental solution: Win-win – no chemicals, lower energy consumption

The cwe system comprises of at least one flow housing and an electronic control unit. Pulses condition the cooling water as it flows through the housing, changing the crystallisation properties of the minerals that would otherwise form limescale.

cwe-Anlage in der Kältetechnik

No new limescale  but an ultrathin anti-corrosive layer is formed. In the case of legacy systems, the formation of further limescale deposits inside the pipes, heat exchangers etc.  is not only stopped but reversed – until almost complete removal of limescale after a few months.

Rückgang von Kalkablagerungen

The lime is now transported in the water in the form of microscopic crystals. The difference between unconditioned (left) and conditioned (right) water is easily visible with a light microscope.

Unterschied zwischen unbehandeltem und behandeltem Wasser


Abgelöste Verkrustungen

Detached limescale deposits after installation of a cwe system


Concrete industry


Crop farming and market gardening

House installations




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