Wasserkondition in der Haustechnik

cwe water conditioning improves water properties and quality on the basis of a tried and tested technology to prevent limescale formation.
This technology does not remove the valuable minerals in the drinking water.

            conditioned water ...

In the bathroom:

Lower limescale formation in pipes and calcification on shower heads and tiles

Lowers maintenance and repair work on household plumbed installations by removing limescale from pipes and preventing limescale formation

Softer water is better for healthy skin and hair

In the kitchen:

Tastes better and improves taste of drinks and food

For laundry:

The improved solubility properties of the water means substantially reduced need for cleaning agents and detergents

Drastically cuts need for water softeners

In the garden:

Improves water properties

Improves plant vitality and yield

Lowers use of pesticides and fertiliser


The problem: Hard water

Water hardness is determined by the concentration of multivalent cations and alkaline earth metals in the water. The relative hardness of ground water depends mainly  on the concentration of magnesium and calcium.

The usual chemical approach to treat hard water is by adding salt as an ion exchanger. This is associated with high running (buying the salt) and maintenance costs. However, this methods removes the natural minerals that can be beneficial to health  and replaces them with salts that can lead to negative health consequences. Moreover, salty water fosters corrosion and material fatigue.

A much more environmental water conditioning method is based on permanent magnets.  In domestic plumbed systems with lower water volumes this approach is often quite adequate, although this depends largely on the composition of the water and flow rates.

The solution: Electrodynamic water conditioning

The effects of water conditioning have been intensively tested in real world situations: The system reliably and effectively improves the solubility properties of water. Higher solubility (= lower viscosity and surface tension) means lower demand for energy and chemicals in domestic plumbed installations.


You save maintenance and service costs for plumbed household installations, which translates into money, time and energy savings.

The conditioned water dissolves and prevents limescale deposits. Indeed, it even creates a protective, anti-corrosive layer inside pipes and radiators and on the surface of heating coils.

Softer water is beneficial to the skin and hair. The use of soap and care products is considerably reduced.

Last but not least, electrodynamic water conditioning is environmental as it reduces the chemical load on the environment.

Schluss mit Kalkverkrustungen

Forget all problems
related to limescale
formation with
electrodynamic water.

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