Wasserkonditionierung in der Betontechnik

The benefits

General higher concrete density with increased durability

Significantly lower capillarity and porosity

Lower efflorescence and a good, even surface

Improved workability and reduced finishing

Savings in additives, binders and water (particularly relevant for certification to ISO standards or EMAS)

After installation

Consulting in fine-tuning your formula

Comprehensive access to our latest know-how and expertise (special problem solving by collaborating in research projects)


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Water conditioning for concrete industry

Ever-increasing requirements and demands are being placed on the workability and durability of concrete.

Traditionally additives are used to achieve significant quality improvements, putting cost pressures on concrete manufacturers.

offers a future-oriented, environmental and proven solution.

The cost saving alternative

cwe uses an electrodynamic technique to treat the mixing water. Controlling the frequency and pulse patterns changes the behaviour of the ions and water molecules to create a positive impact on surface tension, viscosity and wetting behaviour.

Check out for yourself the impressive savings potential
for concrete production offered by our water conditioning system >>

Lower costs yet improved quality

Vergleich von Betonskulpturen 
Concrete sculpture on left made with normal mixing water, on the right made with conditioned mixing water.

The improved quality is not restricted to the surface:
Our system improves compaction and higher compressive strength with simultaneous lower capillarity and significantly reduced porosity.

Check out for yourself the impressive savings potential for concrete production offered by our water conditioning technology >>

Simple installation

Integrating the cwe system in your production process is easy. The only preconditions are that you have a water connection and an electricity connection.

Installation einer cwe-Anlage

Our special offer

Under laboratory conditions, using your formula and specifications, we produce trial concrete products using standard mixing water and conditioned mixing water. The differences in the course of the hydration process, he improved density and the savings potential specific to your production process are documented.

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Improved thixotropic properties despite less water

economic potential

improvement in quality

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